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omnichannel strategy

Why do big brands use an omnichannel strategy?

I received a simple question this week: what does omnichannel strategy mean? Additional question: should we grant omnichannel? That…
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Internet sales: a supervised practice

You are a professional and you want to start an e-commerce site, but you don't know where to start. You are certainly asking yourself ...
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influencer marketing

How to use influencer marketing to develop your business?

For years, I have been doing influencer marketing without knowing it. My daily life is SEO (natural referencing). I help companies to be ...
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LMS tool to create your training and learn

LMS (Learning Management System): the powerful educational tool

In the era of globalization, we are witnessing a real revolution in new technologies and digitization. Thus, several companies have recourse ...
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How to succeed in your E-commerce

How to succeed in your E-commerce? 3 essential research

The success of an E-commerce depends on the turnover generated. On the Internet, 1% of qualified traffic = 1% of turnover. To succeed, he ...
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succeed affiliate campaign

How to have a stress-free affiliate campaign?

Affiliation is in the internet marketing sense of promoting its products and services through associates / partners. These ...
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