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What Makes Content Go Viral on the Internet?

If you are familiar with web marketing or SEO blogs, you have probably read articles or infographics on ...
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Best LinkedIn Tools

Top 7 of the best Linkedin tools to boost your ROI

LinkedIn has moved from the social network stage of looking for a job to that of a platform dedicated to professional relations. He became…
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Communicate in times of crisis

Social networks: how to communicate in times of crisis?

It's no longer a secret to you that being on social media these days is as vital as breathing. That you…
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social media logo guide

Guide to social media logos

Thanks to our logo design services, we had the opportunity to work with several professionals who want to create their digital identity ...
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master social networks

Social networks: how to become a master in this area?

Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube have become so important that today's society can no longer do without them. Grace…
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buy social media fans

Should we buy fans and "likes" on social networks?

Many companies when they start on the Internet have the reflex to register on social networks. Time passes ... and the fans are not ...
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instagram local promotion

Social networks: example of local promotion on Instagram

In 2014, I submitted a first article on Instagram. 6 years more, this network has definitely established itself among the social networks that matter.…
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how to calculate facebook edgerank

What are the elements taken into account in edgerank?

In 2019, the social network Facebook had more than 37 billion active users in France. More than one in two French people therefore have a ...
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grow instagram audience

5 Proven Ways To Build A Massive Instagram Audience

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. At the end of 2019, it had more than a billion monthly active users. He is…
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Boulevard du Crépuscule: when Ardisson receives Squeezie

For once I'm going to talk about SMO (social media optimization) and therefore the generation of traffic / audience by social networks. Squeezie, videographer ...
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Do Google and Youtube favor certain presidential candidates?

The Data for Good association has just launched a study via its Algotransparency site to worry about the highlighting of certain candidates for…
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mobile web strategy

ADOBE study: 4 pillars for an effective mobile web strategy

ADOBE published in September 2015 an unambiguous study called "The mobile is the only strategy". I just discovered it ... thanks to ...
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