Site redesign: what are the challenges?

On April 22, 2015, the official Google France blog announced:

Google algo mobile blog

Sites that do not make the effort to adapt to tablets and smartphones will suffer a penalty in their referencing natural (SEO).

A diagnosis of your site is therefore necessary: ​​is it responsive ?

What are the other issues and interests of a site redesign?


1 / What is a site responsive ?

It is about a site which corresponds to the support of the Net surfer:

Mobile friendly

The menu, images and texts adapt to the size of the screen.


2 / How to test your site?

Google makes it possible to make a diagnosis thanks to its tool Pagespeed.

User experience ok

Is it the same for you?


3 / What purpose does your site serve?

Redoing your site is an opportunity to question its usefulness.

Who should he attract?

What action must the Internet user perform once on the site?

Good user experience

An ideal site provides an easy path for the visitor to take.

This path serves your goal : visit, contact, mail collection, sale ...


4 / How to gain the trust of prospects?

A compelling message is based 50% on the text and 50% on the design.

You can offer the best products and services in the world, you will never fully exploit your business potential if the look of your suite is not up to date.

Example of a design site

A regular site redesign makes it possible to gain or preserve the Internet user's confidence at first glance.

Your site should send a clear message: I am a reference in my field.


5 / What are the SEO constraints to respect?

A well-designed site, which benefits from content and links, is naturally positioned on keywords in Google:

Example keyword positioning

To maintain the benefit of these good positions, it is essential in the event of an overhaul to take particular care:

> In the titles of articles and pages.

> To their URL (external links) - setting up 301 redirects.

> Content, texts and images.

> To the structure of the site (categories, internal links).


Here is the example of a national brand site, still recovering since its overhaul :

Traffic evolution following overhaul

Investing to lose traffic, is it worth it?


6 / What envelope for its new site?

We work with WordPress, content management system, associated with WooCommerce for online stores.

As explained on our page dedicated to site creation, this allows us :

- To propose a solution reasonable in terms of cost.

- To deliver a site that you can easily update and develop later.


Do you have a project to redesign your site? It's time to get started!

Showcase site : from 700 €.

Ecommerce : from € 1.

Cost to be finalized according to the number of existing pages.