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launch ad campaign

SEA coaching: launch your Google Ads campaign with an expert

Create and optimize your Google Ads campaign with your Profiscient specialist in SEA. The SEA corresponds to paid referencing, on the contrary to…
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Comparison shopping service CSS

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS): should you use (only) that of Google?

The Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) was born from the condemnation of Google in 2017 to a fine of 2,4 billion euros by the…
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improve usability adwords management page

How to improve the usability of your landing page?

The quality of a landing page is essential in the implementation of an SEO strategy. Also, Google Ads has designed ...
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Google Ads long tail

How to aim for the long tail with Google Ads?

In SEO as in SEA, keyword research is decisive. 80% of your traffic will come from extended keywords with ...
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Practical case: 12 simple tips for a Google Ads campaign

Today, I'm taking a look at a friend's Ads campaign. I suggest you take a tour together and see what…
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mobile web strategy

ADOBE study: 4 pillars for an effective mobile web strategy

ADOBE published in September 2015 an unambiguous study called "The mobile is the only strategy". I just discovered it ... thanks to ...
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Buy Google Keywords

How to buy keywords in Google?

The question may surprise but many Internet users are wondering how to buy keywords in Google: I - Definition and…
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