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buy apartment ireland

Buying or renting an apartment in Ireland?

Given the high rental prices, should you buy an apartment in Ireland when you have a career opportunity? A lot of French…
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real estate buyer psychology

How (good) to negotiate a real estate purchase? (apartment, house…)

You have decided to take action, to buy your principal residence or for a rental investment. How to properly negotiate this real estate purchase…
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crazy tenant

A future alienated tenant in BREST?

After presenting you with a top 10 of my worst tenants and then a case of difficult management of an alienated tenant, I…
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unpaid rent what to do

Unpaid rent: what to do?

When you own a single rental unit, with a loan to repay each month, the impact of unpaid rent is great. What to do about it ...
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rental management advice

10 (proven) rental management tips

A good investor is also a good manager. Here are some rental management tips to live well in the coming years: 10/ Manage…
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neighborhood disturbances psychiatry

Neighborhood problems: when the owner also manages a psychiatric emergency

When I bought my first goods, I filled out beautiful EXCEL sheets, where the rents quietly offset the monthly loan payments out of 25 ...
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buy or rent principal residence

Buying or renting your main residence in your city?

As soon as I signed a permanent contract after my studies, I bought my first apartment. I was still in a roommate and I had a very…
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work deductible property income

What expenses can be deducted from property income?

The forum question of the day concerns the expenses of fitting out parking lots and green spaces. Can they be deducted from property income? ...
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Risk of requalification as a goods dealer

Risk of requalification as a property trader: how to avoid it?

An Internet user is considering a strategy of multiple purchases to cause and maintain a land deficit, so as to limit taxation. Is this strategy viable...
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difficult clients real estate negotiator

Top 10 difficult clients for a negotiator

In 2012, I had the pleasure of doing a replacement as a real estate negotiator in a notarial office. Following the crisis...
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real estate bubble falling market

A housing bubble? Will the market go down in 2022?

Since I have been interested in real estate, that is to say since my Master 2 thesis in 2004, I read articles every month on…
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worst tenant housing

Real estate investment: Top 10 of my worst tenants

After buying a first apartment in a small condominium in 2007, I opted for the purchase of complete buildings afterwards. The idea was to limit...
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First rental investment BREST

First rental investment – ​​2007 to 2022

At the end of 2007, I made my first rental purchase with a T1 in BREST. Almost 3 years after my studies, first job in…
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how long to borrow

Home loan: over what duration (logical) to borrow?

The loan period for the purchase of real estate is not always a choice. The world is divided into 2 categories, those who have…
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sell real estate fast

How to sell real estate quickly (and at a high price)? (apartment, house, etc.)

I often hear a salesperson conclude: "I'm in no hurry". Still, while it's reasonable to test a slightly higher price than the…
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Real estate buying and selling advice

House or apartment real estate purchase checklist: 8 vital checks

To help you in your apartment or house search, I offer a list of 27 tips / questions to consider. For…
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rental property owner risk

The rental risk of the (courageous) owner who invests in real estate

The race against time has started: I still have 23 years to go before I sell my first buildings. In the meantime, I ...
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Purchase house sale in life annuity

Should you buy or sell your house in life?

Since 2013 and the first writing of this article, the life annuity has developed in my department (29). At the time, it was organized on a…
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invest SCPI shares

SCPI: should you (lucidly) subscribe to shares?

The acronym SCPI corresponds to civil real estate investment company. This is called "rock-paper". You own shares in a…
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real estate-how-to-optimize-the-profitability-of-a-property

Real estate: how to optimize the profitability of a property?

Renting out your property does not necessarily guarantee you a good return on investment. Many investors are getting into...
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Become a real estate investor

How to become a real estate investor?

Real estate is one of the most profitable and stable markets, and it also presents few risks for those who control them…
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Real estate price crisis

Is real estate returning to its pre-crisis prices?

Is the real estate market too expensive? Is it worth buying? The real estate market follows trends and even cycles. Written…
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mortgage loan refusal

Suspensive loan condition: not getting the agreement to stop buying?

Can we use the suspensive condition of obtaining a loan as a pretext to give up the purchase of a property? This is the question asked by nini76 ...
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prepayment loan

Early loan repayment: is it worth it for you?

Is it a good idea to buy back (liquidate) your life insurance policy for an early loan repayment? This is the question that ...
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good time to buy or sell real estate

Is it the right time to buy or sell real estate?

All real estate professionals will tell you: "now is the right time to buy!". Obviously, coming from a negotiator, a promoter or ...
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SERP MOZ correlation

The real estate market in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

The Paris 16 real estate market is first and foremost a search for a location, a neighborhood and a street. It is enough to note it in the ...
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Invest in Ireland (apartment purchase, rental, etc.)

I received a question this week regarding a real estate investment project in Ireland in the form of buying an apartment and its…
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How to calculate the rent increase?

An owner or a lessor has the right to review the rent of his property over a defined period. In France,…
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Commission-free agency: what if you saved your money?

The term commission-free agency is opposed to traditional agency practices. When you put your property up for sale in a real estate agency, it will ...
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What are the keys to a good rental investment?

In times of crisis, real estate is reassuring. This is the reason why the stone remains one of the favorite investments of the French, ahead of regulated savings ...
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Occupy the accommodation of a SCI free of charge

What are the conditions and consequences of occupying SCI accommodation free of charge? "Hello, We have 1 building in…
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Buying your first investment property: the 10 mistakes to avoid

Who has never dreamed of owning an investment property or a set of apartments in a building to rent them out and ...
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The Pinel law and the right of pre-emption

The Pinel law assimilates several principles, several advantages, but also several rights of which the right of pre-emption is one of them. Few people…
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How to position yourself on the real estate market in 2019?

Le Monde has just published an article potentially worrying for all those who have a real estate project. Buyers and sellers seem less ...
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Real estate expertise: conquering a top position on Google

Since my studies, I have been seriously interested in real estate. In master, I wrote a thesis "earning with real estate"; then I took the plunge ...
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Rental investment: why wait?

At work, I often hear: "I plan to invest in real estate in a few years". Immediately my hairs stand on end. Rental investment is now! ...
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Why invest in real estate?

Investing in real estate allows you to benefit from a major effect: the leverage effect of credit. This effect measures profitability relative to…
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Construction: how to start a business and find customers?

Recently, I had the pleasure of realizing a few sites of craftsmen and construction companies, often in the creation phase. Myself, creator of a SASU ...
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Go through a real estate agency to sell your property?

Real estate transactions between individuals represent around 50% of the market; the other half of real estate is sold by professionals. What ...
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How to detect a water leak in a building?

The blog's primary purpose is to analyze the real estate market and provide feedback on purchases. Here we are going to deviate slightly ...
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Job description: the real estate hunter

Real estate agent specializing in real estate research, the apartment hunter is an intermediary who is responsible for prospecting, selection ...
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Paris furnished rentals: are there any new conditions?

The furnished rental market in Paris is constantly evolving, like any developing sector. These evolutions are made with the relative characteristics ...
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How to capture more traffic with an optimized structure?

The structure of your site impacts your ranking in search engines. 2 equal sites but choosing 2 menus ...
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Local results real estate agency pont l abbé

How to reference the site of a real estate agency?

New real estate agencies open every day ... while others close at the same time. Real estate agencies are "normal" businesses: the more they…
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Tailor-made real estate: the new sales codes

The principle of tailor-made real estate is slowly establishing itself on the stone market, transforming the traditional codes of the transaction. Thanks to the hunters ...
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Farmhouse: the plague of the real estate negotiator?

When I worked for a notary as a negotiator, I was quite proud of my estimates in relation to the final sale price.…
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