Traffic multiplied by 10,4 by working on SEO links (backlinks)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization - optimization for engines research) allows you to develop your web traffic / attract more visitors to your website.

1% of qualified SEO traffic increases your turnover by 1% also on average (extract from the study E-commerce KPI by Wolfgang Digital) :

Ecommerce revenues by webmarketing channel

If you are not yet in the top 10, the first step is to understand what separates you from the best sites.

There are 2 main criteria for natural referencing: content (technically optimized) and links (backlinks).

Rather than talking about backlinks, experienced SEOs are especially sensitive to referring domains.

A referring domain is simply a site that links to you.

This link can be follow (default) or nofollow (example: link from a social network like Facebook; Facebook indicates with the nofollow code not to know the site to which the link points and not to transmit its trust to it).

The goal is toget as many referring domains as possible which link to your site (partners, customers, suppliers, town hall, community of municipalities, schools, associations etc.).

It is better to get 10 links from 10 different domains rather than 100 links from 2 or 3 domains.

Finally, all links do not have the same value: a link from the home page of the CNRS carries more weight than a link from a blog article of a local VSE.


Internet Business intervened to help a site that offered quality content but therefore the traffic did not take off after 2 years of activity, due to competition already established and above all lack of links.


We have negotiated links to the home page but also the categories and sales pages (landing pages) of the site to highlight them. We took care of diversify the anchors of the links.


Increase the traffic and turnover of a B2B site with a lack of customers.



Benchmarking of the competition: highlighting a top with more referral domains.

Search for partners and establishment of links.



The traffic was multiplied by 10,4 over 3 months, as the income generated by the site.

Traffic X10,4

CA X 9,2

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