Paid referencing (SEA): sponsored links Google Ads, Bing, etc.

The purists will howl.

I'm talking about paid referencing (SEA = search engine advertising) as if there was a free SEO ;).

I choose to put paid referencing forward instead of sponsored links, quite simply because the expression is better interpreted by customers and prospects.

Paid referencing and sponsored links

You will also notice that the competition seems weaker on sponsored links : no bid is suggested.

If I run a Adwords or BING campaign on this expression, with the page here written, I have large to prevail for a few cents and to sell services.

That's exactly what we do with our site… and that of our customers.

  1. We study your market and the competition. Example with the SEMrush software :SEMrush keywords competitors
  2. We are looking for keywords capable of bringing you qualified traffic.
  3. We optimize your site or create new pages adapted to these keywords (landing pages).
  4. We set up sponsored link campaigns.
  5. We optimize these campaigns to maximize return on investment.

Each team member is Google Adwords and BING Ads certified on an individual basis.

BING Ads pro accreditation

What is the minimum budget for a campaign?

For some simple campaigns a few key words, with a correct site already in place, 1h of monthly work (50 €) may be enough.

Example: “Brest hairdresser”.

It then remains to define the budget allocated to your campaign excluding service provider costs.

We usually start with a test campaign of a few tens of euros… before increasing the budget once the campaign has been refined and the results are there!

For some major e-commerce campaigns, we offer day passes (300 € - 1 hour free).

What are the strengths of the agency?

a / We go beyond the "minimum service": ad extensions, display ads, Google Shopping depending on the product or service to promote etc.

We can also invest Youtube for you.

b / We work with Adwords ET BING, which is gaining market share, especially with the deployment of Windows 10.

c / We pay attention to the numbers that matter: click-through rate, Conversion rate, quality score ...

d / We have a clear vision of the complementarity between SEO and SEA (natural referencing and paid referencing).

A page optimized for SEO generally responds very well to SEA campaigns.

Questions ? Want to discuss your project in detail?