Earning money with surveys: the old school scam?

In 2010, I wrote the first version of this article on online survey scam.

At first I thought of simply deleting it but I realized that some operators were still not very clean.

Earn between $500 and $3 per month

One day, the owner of International Incomes decided to sell his business on Flippa. Inevitably, he had to explain a little about his business model and answer questions from prospects.

This is where I discovered a substantial part of the Internet economy:

Naive people could sign up to earn “between $500 and $3 per month”:

Why bother working when you can "stay at home in your pajamas"?

This is followed by lots of testimonials from people for whom this money changed their lives :

"Easiest money I've ever made!" I doubted that was true but I got my first check in the mail, $1! The next should be double, thank you International Incomes! »

How proud your husband will be of you once you register on this site!

“I am a mother of 3 children and my husband works long hours. I love being a stay-at-home mom but I was looking for a way to earn some extra income. The opportunity was too great with International Incomes! »

I obviously tried to register to start a new career:

But is your country of residence eligible?


Yes but only 2 places left, let's hurry!

Once your email has been provided, all you have to do is pay a $35 fee to be able to start.

For this modest sum, you receive an email containing links to free survey sites, which can be found in one click on Google. Sites which of course will be unable to provide you with $500 to $3 in income.

You will have lost $35 but learned a great lesson in marketing… and simply in life.

€50 a day thanks to surveys in 2022?

A quick Google search reveals that the opportunities are still there on the Internet in 2022! Why continue at Mc Do or elsewhere when:

Some sites are more moderate. This should bring us closer to the truth?

In any case, it is no longer a question of paying to register; it is that you are no longer quite the product.

Many "legitimate" sites offer lists of survey sites. Most of the time, this involves recovering your data so that the survey site can resell it to other companies, without compensation for you.

Camille LOPEZ tells it with humor on journalmetro.com:

With a final gain of…

Do you want remote income? Find a qualified telecommuting job!

If you take LinkedIn for example, there is a “remote” / “full-time” option and that's already 541 results; 257 with the option "Less than 10 applications".

From there, 2 possibilities:

  • You apply and you are hired.
  • You do not yet have the skills: you follow the appropriate training with the support of Pôle Emploi, your famous CPF account or online on a CodeAcademy-style site.

Yes, it may take a few weeks or a few months, but your chances of finally earning “between $500 and $3 per month” seem more credible to me then :].

I earned my first income on the web in 2012 by developing and monetizing the traffic of my sites (AdSense ...).

Since 2013 and my first professional services, I have had the opportunity to participate in the development of more than 450 sites in more than +20 countries.

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