Natural referencing (SEO)

1 / SEO audit - referencing.

Detailed site survey with concrete recommendations regarding :

* Introduction: SEO parameters.

> The links.

> The content.

> User experience.

> Notoriety and popularity.

* Support and answers to questions related to the submitted report.

Day pass of 300 €.

This is our most ordered service. Excellent customer feedback.

2 / Technical optimization: “crawl” diagnosis.

 > Using tools like MOZ (pro account) and Screaming Frog, correction of the main errors and obstacles to referencing.

> Management of duplicate content, optimization of titles and URLs etc.

Variable time depending on the size of the site and the CMS. The work is generally done in 2 stages: an initial service then a monthly follow-up.

3 / Specific work on certain keywords.

> Example of contract for a French site, covering 3 key words, past from page 3 to page 1 .

> It emerges a traffic potential almost multiplied by 3 according to SEMrush (visibility index).

4 / Development of links.

it's about the most requested service… And the one for which we give less follow-up, so much the budgets and the requests are sometimes fanciful.

There are no real secrets or miracles for links. Only a lot of time and money to devote to it regularly.

We start with study your competitors and the authority of their site to measure the number of links needed when yours hatch.

Then we put in place a plan that takes into account your budget and risk accepted.

Example with this beginner site: 12 links in place with its competitor against only 1 for its site.

Our campaign enabled the site to collect around fifteen links.

5 / Content management.

Keyword research, report writing and integration according to SEO standards.

“Showcase” pages or articles, animation of blogs.

50 € / h = 1 page.

6 / Custom made-to-measure contract.

> Regular work each month according to site needs and defined priorities.

> Allows the budget allocated to the site to be smoothed, all accidents to be avoided and regular progress to be made.

Our contracts begin from 300 € month.

We commit ourselves every month to devote at least one day to your site (crawl and quick fixes, writing an article, obtaining a link…) and to offer you complete assistance.

obviously, the budget to spend depends on your competitive environment and your objectives.

What are the important points in an SEO contract?

In large-scale distribution, the contract for SEO aims to be present prominently in supermarket shelves.

The “2.0” referencing contract adopts the same logic: you help to be present in the “shelves” of Google, that is to say to ensure that the Internet user falls on your site before those of competitors when types a request.

Google derives most of its income from sponsored links (= “paid referencing). Advertisers pay a few cents or euros per click for their page to be featured. This allows for immediate results but leaves them dependent on Google.

Conversely, natural referencing, if it requires an initial investment in terms of budget and time, ultimately allows a good ranking, good traffic and the turnover that goes with it.

A referencing contract can therefore be particularly profitable in the long term, provided that the expectations of each party are clarified.

In particular, it is necessary to specify:
The methods used to develop the notoriety / popularity of the site (“netlinking”); a young site will hardly be able to do without this work.
Technical work on the site: how will the pages be optimized?
Will the SEO also have to ensure that the content is fleshed out?
What tools / criteria to assess its performance before / after and the impact of the SEO?

Keep in mind that the SEO has an obligation of means and not of result. He must implement all the best practices for the success of your site... but cannot (and must not...) guarantee it!

A good professional will of course have an idea of ​​the positions that can be reached and the traffic / turnover as a result. But his experience should encourage him not to promise anything:].