Google local referencing: best practices

With the practice of web to store and the complementarity between physical point of sale and E-commerce, local referencing has become a major issue for:

  1. The artisans, that they have a space showroom or not.
  2. All of the tradespeople : workshops, wholesale or retail ...

Before going to the store, prospects have gotten into the habit, thanks in particular to the development of mobile Internet, of typing in Google:

  1. The name of the product or service they are looking for on the Internet.
  2. The name of the company or merchant who has what they need.

This assumes that a physical company, to really benefit from the Internet, must have:

  1. A site optimized for Google that showcases its products and services.
  2. Should easily appear in search engine results whether through the natural reference (with which local referencing is associated) or the paid referencing (very complementary).

1 / What is local SEO?

The obvious aspect of local SEO is the positioning of a business or a company in Google Map.

For example, you just have to type "pizza" for Google to suggest results of nearby pizzeria.

Google offers relevant results according to geolocation and catchment area:

Local SEO pizza

2 / How to improve your local SEO?

First essential step: registration in Google My Business.

The tool makes it possible to be more visible, to interact with its customers by animating its page and to collect consumer reviews.

And the other steps? You can find them in our guide, updated December 2015.

There is really no secret, only work: keywords, local directories (LaPoste, Yellow Pages ...), identical "NAPs" (name, address, phone number), site referencing (link), customer reviews, popularity on social networks ...

3 / The relationship between local SEO and Google Pigeon?

Deployed in summer 2014, the Google Pigeon algorithm changed the presentation of local results.

If theoretically, up to 7 businesses can appear during a search, most, only 3 results are presented to the Internet user.

It is therefore a bonus for companies already solid in their web referencing. Newcomers will actually have to work on their presence to have a chance to be highlighted.

4/ What solutions for your site?

We help you set up a web strategy to make yourself known.

a/ Site creation for a new project.

b/ Overhaul for an old site.

All our sites are " responsive"," mobile friendly »: They are perfectly designed for searches from a smartphone or tablet.

c / Study of key words, implementation of adequate content.

d / Creation or recovery of your Google My Business page.

e / Registration on essential local directories.

Local referencing of your site from 350€.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or a detailed estimate.