Google penalty possible for nofollow links?

A site that makes a “clickable” link to another site sends a positive signal to Google. A site that has a lot of links will be successful in Google and therefore a nice valuation.

Historically, it is possible to distinguish the links dofollow (which convey SEO juice) links nofollow (which send a signal “I don’t know this site/I don’t trust it”).

SEOs are therefore looking for dofollow links for themselves or their clients.

Conversely, they do not waste time obtaining nofollow links (links from social networks for example).

In this “Myths and realities” test video offered by the SEOCamp, Paul Sanchez starts precisely with the nofollow links:

So there is consensus to state that nofollow links have no effect on your SEO, except possibly direct traffic if you get a frequently clicked link from a popular Wikipedia page.

However, a video published by the Google team indicates a contrary possibility. It would be possible to be penalized by obtaining nofollow links :

1/ Nofollow links are ignored by GoogleBot

“I build links, not for SEO but to try to generate direct traffic. If these links are nofollow, is there a risk of receiving penalties from Google? In other words, can nofollow links harm my site? "

“To give a very quick answer on this point, nofollow links normally can't harm a site. But there is a special case to be mentioned: if you leave comments on all blogs around the world, even if those links are nofollow, if you do so to the point of being "known" for it, to really annoy people and to be flagged for "spam", we can take a manual sanction.

I remember a long time ago on the Techcrunch site, every time people landed on an article there was a comment from the same person who was clearly trying to divert the traffic for their benefit. Even if these links were nofollow, if we see that this is taking place on a large enough scale to be considered misleading or manipulative, we reserve the right to take a penalty. We make an exception if we see blatant abuse.

Corn in the majority of cases, nofollow links are not taken into account when we crawl the web. These nofollow links should therefore not affect your site from an algorithmic point of view. I always have a slight reservation in case someone finds a clever or massive way to abuse it. But in general, as long as you're producing steady direct traffic and not hampering the entire web, your site should stay in good shape. »

2/ Beware of spam reports and manual actions.

The nofollow links are not taken into account by the Google algorithm in the majority of cases and therefore cannot penalize a site.

… Except in the case where the abuse of links is manifest; example: attempt to vampirize the traffic of a site by posting a comment with a link on each of its articles.

On the form, Google acts a priori especially when a report for spam is addressed to him. For it to act on its own, it would probably have to go automatically to hundreds or thousands of sites (is it real or just com?).

The penalty for nofollow links would therefore be more of a manual sanction, following denunciation, In a large majority of situations, the algorithm should simply ignore them.

I earned my first income on the web in 2012 by developing and monetizing the traffic of my sites (AdSense ...).

Since 2013 and my first professional services, I have had the opportunity to participate in the development of more than 450 sites in more than +20 countries.

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