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Based in PONT-L'ABBÉ (29120), near QUIMPER in Finistère, Internet Business responds mainly to 3 missions:

  1. Website creation and referencing.
  2. E-commerce training.
  3. Multilingual web portal ( on money management.

Example of a typical day:

  1. Site optimization (code, indexing, speed, etc.).
  2. Content writing and monetization.
  3. Search for partnerships and development of links (“referring domains”).

In this context, we are occasionally looking for training and . :

1/ Internships:

Versatile web developer:

JavaScript CSS Google PageSpeed

a/ You are familiar with a maximum of the following elements: API, HTML, CSS, Mysql, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Responsive Design, Google PageSpeed, Structured Data, Analytics, Adwords, SEO, SEM, Inbound, E-commerce…

b / You like to write and talk to people. And you do it very well.

c / You have a few examples of personal or professional projects.

d / Compensation according to state scale if longer than 2 months.

Communication and web marketing project manager:

As a versatile web developer but with a greater tolerance on technique:

a / Curiosity and general culture; all university degrees appreciated.

b / Ready to develop knowledge in SEO.

c / Personal or professional project in support, your writing style must impress our clients.

d / And always an indemnity according to the State scale if duration exceeds 2 months.

Any internship offer concerning another profile will be studied!

No exceptional conditions to offer you, but we can help you acquire or develop sharp practical skills in web marketing.

2/ Freelance writer offers:

Various themes available:

  1. Government aid / state aid.
  2. “How to calculate”… various financial calculations.
  3. Reduce taxes/taxes.
  4. Rental / real estate investment.
  5. Preparing for retirement.
  6. Bank investments.
  7. Insurance (apartment, boat, mortgage, home, health/mutual insurance, house, building, death/life, car, travel, etc.).
  8. Loans (personal, consumer, real estate, etc.).
  9. Bank/credit cards.
  10. Depending on their quality: opinion/column on topical subject.

Depending on your profile and areas of interest, we will provide you with a list of questions to sort out/topics to deal with.

The article to be written must answer the questions of Internet users according to the techniques ofInbound Marketing, with a very good SEO formatting.

Desired length: greater than 1 words.

Expected remuneration: 33€ if article accepted.

The article must be original, without copy/paste and pass the test Copyscape.

Imperative billing.

Un graduate/a experience significant is mandatory on the chosen subject.

You will be credited as the author of the article and a profile with photo will be created.

We want to meet the expectations of Internet users and Google on sensitive topics “Your life, your money”.

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