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create prospecting file

How to create your prospecting file?

Do you perfectly identify your targets and want to launch an email prospecting campaign? Unfortunately you are wasting too much time ...
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E-mail marketing

Email Marketing: Finding a Better Way to Select and Distribute Content

In the past few years, email marketing automation systems have had a global impact - and it's not hard to see why.…
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newsletter software

5 benefits of newsletter software for your marketing campaigns

More and more users are reading their emails on mobile devices, and companies are getting it right. The newsletter is a ...
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B2B email prospecting

B2b mail prospecting: should I buy company files?

A company that starts its activity in 2018 faces the same major difficulty as its elders years before it ...
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email prospecting customer file

Should you buy a client email file for your prospecting?

Behind the question which title the article Should you buy a customer email file for your prospecting?, There is a simpler one, ...
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Write a professional email

How to write a perfectly professional email?

Today we are going to get out of the 100% web marketing framework ... but not that much. Indeed, writing an email is a professional skill ...
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Example emailing campaign

Emailing campaign: 6 powerful tips for success

To disseminate its message on the Internet, a company has several web marketing channels: SEA, SEO, SMO, affiliation, display ... and emailing campaign.…
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