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Headset with microphone: 3 criteria for companies

In a professional setting, the headset with microphone is a very practical accessory. It meets the mobility and flexibility needs of…
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secure online payment

How to be sure to secure your online payments?

If you are used to shopping for goods and services online, you should make sure that you ...
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Future Cloud USB Drive

What future for the USB key in the age of the cloud?

Data storage is changing dramatically. My first games on CPC 664 had to be typed by hand by copying the ...
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Gallery digital kiosk

Why equip yourself with an interactive terminal or a touch table for professional events?

For the success of a seminar, a workshop and even a trade show, it is not uncommon to see companies using interesting and ...
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Dynamic dispaly

Dynamic signage: connected screens serving businesses and businesses

Last month I was already talking to you about digital signage, the "display" on screens outside your home. This week,…
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WebRTC switchboard

WebRTC technology revolutionizes the possibilities of traditional telephone switchboards

As technologies evolve, consumers become more demanding. The possibility, thanks to online stores, to buy any…
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install windows 10 pc legion

Install Windows 10 on a New Legion Laptop PC (Y540)

Once a year, I deviate a bit from Web Marketing to chronicle my life a bit and occasionally provide the tip that ...
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how to choose web host

How to choose your host for a web project?

When you start on the Internet, the question of choosing the host does not arise. We type the request "create a website" and ...
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How does hologram work

How does a hologram work? What applications for marketing?

To simply define a hologram, it is a 3-dimensional photograph. Like many young people of the 80s, my first contact with…
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Microsoft Dynamics 365: How does the installation go?

With its Dynamics 365 software, Microsoft has set up a global business solution that combines a powerful CRM and ERP system, ...
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How does augmented reality optimize immersive marketing?

Brands are constantly looking for new and effective ways to convince their customers to buy their products or adopt their services. From…
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What is the difference between CMS and Framework? Which one to choose ?

Recently, one of my clients made some quotes for the redesign of his site. Spontaneously, he turned to the Wordpress CMS. Gold…
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How to counter Adblock ad blockers?

Today I tried unsuccessfully to read an article crossed out by an advertisement. Cannot close it without Adblock. Once Adblock is activated, ...
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Open Source ERP: Is It Really Worth It?

Communication within a company is one of the essential issues of your professional life. Successfully interacting quickly with your employees, with ...
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What are the uses of a Data Management Platform?

Although still too often misunderstood by marketers, Data Management Platforms are all the rage. At a time when huge ...
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