SEA coaching: launch your Google Ads campaign with an expert

  • November 21, 2022
  • SEA

Create and optimize your Google Ads campaign with your Profiscient specialist in SEA. The SEA corresponds to paid referencing, unlike natural referencing (called SEO), the SEA is based on the launch of advertising campaigns. The digital agency Profiscient therefore helps small and medium-sized businesses to understand SEA, in order to use it as a lever for customer acquisition. Take part in optimizing your visibility and increasing your turnover thanks to the supervised launch of an effective Google Ads campaign.

Tailor-made Google Ads support

Because alone we go faster, but together we go further, the digital agency Profiscient puts the expertise of its SEA consultants at the service of VSEs and SMEs so that they can quickly gain visibility. Through tailor-made remote SEA coaching sessions and screen sharing, you are guided step by step through the Google Ads platform that you will eventually know like the back of your hand. By opting for a pack oftailor-made SEA support with Profiscient, you will be able to define an effective paid referencing strategy, create and configure your advertising campaign via Google Ads, and set up a tracking tag to measure the conversion rate on your site and improve it. You will learn in real time and will be able to analyze the performance monitoring of your advertising campaign with your SEA coach.

Various support formulas are available within the Profiscient digital agency, depending on your initial knowledge of SEA, the situation of your company, your objective and your time constraints. Your paid referencing guide will measure the results of each ad and each keyword with you, in order to provide you with avenues for improvement and a specific action plan.

The benefits of launching a Google Ads campaign

The advantages of launching a Google Ads campaign are numerous. When successful, the Google Ads advertising campaign allows your business to get known quickly, to propel your product and service offerings to your prospects instantly, and to acquire qualified leads. When all the success factors come together, the Google Ads campaign greatly contributes to improving the conversion rate at a specific time. Thus, depending on the objective of a company, it is necessary to determine a type of Google Ads campaign and the preferred channel. Among the types of Google Ads campaigns, we find the campaign on the search network, display, video, shopping, or local. Your SEA guide will help you define the type of advertising campaign that best meets your expectations and your target, according to a budget that you have set.

In order to set up an optimal Google Ads campaign, your SEA coach will analyze your business in depth in order to determine the relevant keywords on which to invest. Thanks to Google Ads, you will generally have lower advertising costs than with traditional advertising (television, written press, radio, large-format urban display, etc.). In addition, your company will be able to reach a wider audience, quickly, and at the right time in order to increase awareness of a new product or service, and to sell more. Do not hesitate to be accompanied by the digital agency Profiscient as part of the launch of your future Google Ads campaign for more efficiency.

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