Should you buy a client email file for your prospecting?

Behind the question that title the article Should you buy a client email file for your prospecting?, there is a simpler one, should you invest in Email Marketing for your business or your E-commerce?


The answer is Yes of course.

All studies agree in recognizing that E-mailing has an excellent return on investment:

Return on Investment of Email Marketing

Extract from a study by VentureBeat.


For $ 1 spent, a well-run campaign can net $ 38.

Okay on paper, but not everyone has the same success in practice!


I - How to have a qualified prospect base?

You just have to go to Google to see that there are many offers to purchase customer files, especially throughAdwords ads :

Purchase Adwords customer file

Purchase SEA customer file

Same thing on BING!

This brings us to a nice paradox: why don't the companies that offer these files use them?

Because if mailing is a priori the most profitable web marketing channel, it is not the only one either!

A good web strategy is a balanced strategy, which takes advantage of all web marketing levers: SEO, SEA (Adwords, BING…), SMO (social networks), mailing, affiliation…

If we take the first image of the introduction, we could at a pinch the question of investing in “old media” (TV, radio, press…).

Corn it is out of the question for a company today to be satisfied with mailing or a single channel. Why easily give up the field to competition?


Illustration with our search in Google; after the Adwords results, come the natural referencing results:

SEO Results Purchase Email File


LaPoste comes in 5th position and promises us "13 million postal addresses", just as the CCIs offer their file of "2,5 million prospects", the prize going to Cartegie and its "40 million qualified contacts". Who says better ?!

500 million emails


We must get out of this "race for millions". A good file is a file extremely qualified.

If we take the example of the site, the "generalist" file costs the same price as a more qualified file:

USA qualified file

We then suspect that there must be waste in this database of 85 million emails ...


Unable to test all paid databases. What we can say with certainty: if the number of contacts is too high or the base inexpensive, the quality may not be there!


II - The best prospect file is the one you build.

What if you developed your email database yourself?

It's here basis of Inbound Marketing : write relevant content for your typical prospects and Offer them a bonus in exchange for their email (exclusive articles, eBook, files…).

It is these types of emails that you must collect to aim for a significant return on investment. There is no more qualified than a user who adheres to your site and its content.


While waiting to collect enough emails in this way, the purchase of a qualified base remains an excellent opportunity.

It's the same problem as with paid referencing (SEA) and natural referencing (SEO). The first produces immediate effects, the second has (long) term effects. In the context of the development of a company, it would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of one of the two.


Have you bought / collected valuable addresses? It remains to use them at best!


In addition : How to succeed Emailing campaign ?


I earned my first income on the web in 2012 by developing and monetizing the traffic of my sites (AdSense ...).

Since 2013 and my first professional services, I have had the opportunity to participate in the development of more than 450 sites in more than +20 countries.

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