How to capture traffic on an expression or a keyword?

The subject has already been treated in different forms on the blog: how to gain visitors, capture traffic on a phrase or keyword ?

On the other hand, we will try to adopt a more concrete angle, see educational.


1 / What keywords or expressions are we targeting?

The basis of SEM (search engine marketing) is to position yourself well, to appear in the first results when an Internet user enters a keyword in BING or Google.

The selected keywords must:

  • Match the products / services being sold and the way they are sought after by customers.
  • Are affordable in terms of competition.
  • Provide sufficient traffic volume to justify the investment of time or money spent.


For Internet Business for example, we started by making a list using SEMrush, according to the queries on which our "competitors" were positioned: inbound sites, referencing, web marketing etc.

If you do not have a SEMrush subscription (even if it is strongly recommended, at least one month, as part of a web marketing campaign), it is possible to use Google's free keyword planning tool.

By exporting this data to Excel then removing the duplicates, we arrive at a first sorting of… 8 keywords!

Internet Business Keywords


Not all of them are essential or tremendously relevant to our business: a second sorting will be necessary.

Many still offer the opportunity to respond to requests from Internet users and popularize the site to make them discover our services.


First word on the list? Rather a series of words!

Keyword series

Let's see how to take advantage of it.


2 / How to exploit requests?

Each phrase or keyword must correspond to a dedicated page.

We have therefore devoted a page to the subject:

We are not the only ones since even Le Figaro lent itself to the exercise in their “High Tech” section where the journalists “answer questions from Internet users”. In short, they do SEO, work on their natural referencing!


To capture most of the traffic of a request, it must be attacked on all fronts: SEO, SEA (sponsored links: Adwords, BING Ads…) and SMO (social networks).

So we share all of our articles on social networks, from where we get qualified traffic with low bounce rate. We also set up an Adwords and BING Ads campaign for each expression.

Given the modest competition in sponsored links for a majority of keywords, it is often possible to rank for a few cents.


3 / What results can you expect?

Here is an example of an ongoing Adwords campaign:

Example of SEA campaign


The result can be easily measured in SEA with 203 visitors… for 5,83 €.

In SEO, the continuous publication of content slowly increases our positioning on more keywords:

Internet Business Keyword Positioning


And most importantly, we receive quote requests, " leads "

Internet Business lead example


Example request quote


In the end, for us and for our customers, there is no secret, only a lot of work!

I earned my first income on the web in 2012 by developing and monetizing the traffic of my sites (AdSense ...).

Since 2013 and my first professional services, I have had the opportunity to participate in the development of more than 450 sites in more than +20 countries.

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