How to buy keywords in Google?

The question may surprise but many Internet users are wondering how buy keywords in google :

Buy Google Keywords


I - Definition and example of paid referencing.

As soon as we talk about buying keywords, positions, we are in the context of "paid" referencing.

We are talking about SEA (search engine advertising - sponsored links) as opposed to SEO (search engine optimization - natural referencing) ... even if both disciplines must be used complementarily.



To rank well in search engines, capture traffic and potential customers, two solutions are available to companies:

  1. Make their content stand out naturally on certain keywords by optimizing their site and working on their links (SEO).
  2. Buy these keywords from advertising agencies that are Google Ads et BING Ads.


Why mention BING too? Because the market share of its network, which also includes Yahoo, has increased since the release of Windows 10. This operating system being the standard in the long term, BING has a brighter future than it does today.

So when you think of keyword buying, you have to be interested not only in Google but also in BING!

Concretely, in absolute value, the traffic coming from BING will be less. But, thanks to less competition on auctions as well, the cost per click and therefore the cost of acquiring a lead (prospect fulfilling the objective) will be reduced compared to Google.


On Google as on BING, sponsored ads occupy the best places in Google; example with the query "hotel Nantes":

Paid SEO ads


The first natural results appear after ads and local results, below the waterline.


II - How to buy keywords and appear on the first page?

It all starts with an auction system, of a formula named " ad-rank". The price that every company is willing to pay for a keyword is multiplied by are quality level (quality-score/ QS).

The Ad rank has 2 consequences :

  1. It determines the position of the ad on the page; however, the higher the ad (at least top 3 or top 4), the more likely it is to have clicks.
  2. It also determines the final price paid by the advertiser. A low level of quality therefore leads to a poor distribution of the ad + a potentially very expensive cost per click compared to competitors.


Here is a diagram taken from a Wordstream article, which presents the situation of 4 advertisers according to their bid and their level of quality:

SEA Adwords Adrank auction system


2 obvious conclusions:

  1. When you buy certain keywords and launch a campaign, you absolutely have to follow its quality level!
  2. To improve its level of quality, Google offers a recommendations. This includes offering a page consistent with the keyword purchased, quick to load and optimized for mobiles and tablets (responsive). In short, to respect good SEO practices at the same time! Hence the complementarity of the 2 disciplines in a global Web Marketing strategy.


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I earned my first income on the web in 2012 by developing and monetizing the traffic of my sites (AdSense ...).

Since 2013 and my first professional services, I have had the opportunity to participate in the development of more than 450 sites in more than +20 countries.

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