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estimate value of online business website

How to estimate the value of a website or a web business?

Many software offers an automatic estimate of your website, based in particular on the free data available such as Alexa,…
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Custom clothing

Personalized clothing: what interest for a company?

Increasing its notoriety and sales is the challenge that every company must take up on a daily basis. Several means are available for this.…
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Understand the concept of legal form in business creation

Several steps are essential for the creation of a company. Among the mandatory and not insignificant ones is the choice of legal form. Picking out…
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Supply chain director: at what level does he intervene?

The supply chain director is responsible for coordinating operations to ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain. This position is…
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How to promote your brand at events?

To attract new customers and gain visibility, you must adopt an effective communication strategy. It is in this perspective that…
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EURL: a good status to start?

For entrepreneurs wishing to launch their business, the choice of legal status is a fundamental concern. It determines how the…
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in which-areas-does-3d-printing-intervene

In which fields does 3D printing intervene?

Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing is a set of processes that relies on the addition of material through modeling. In his bet…
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fiduciary companies

The role of a corporate fiduciary

From carrying out administrative procedures to accounting and human management, the day-to-day management of a company can sometimes be difficult. The risk of…
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Deciphering the energy transition law for green growth

The fight against climate change and the optimization of energy independence are two essential issues pursued by the French State. It is in this logic...
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sell free

Digital Nomad: selling free?

The term digital nomad is often associated with a freelancing system that allows you to work entirely remotely from any country.…
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recycling organic matter

How to recycle organic matter in the food industry?

Tons of waste are produced every year in the food industry. 70% is organic waste. These are residues of animal origin or…
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recycling organic matter

Green Business: eco-responsible products sold 7,1 times better

I gladly practice recycling using my yellow bin but I tend to be wary of anything that has…
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Affiliation: training to avoid mistakes

Affiliation is a solution more and more popular with entrepreneurs who want to earn income quickly. Accessible to all, this practice ...
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Analysis of professional support

The business is a highly competitive environment. There are many opportunities for employees to stand out. However, it is quite difficult for them to ...
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3 keys to modern project reporting

Project reporting makes it possible to periodically determine the performance indicators of a project. This is an essential element to ensure the…
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How to develop international Startup

How to (correctly) develop a startup internationally?

The international development of a company is a logical step as soon as the growth prospects in its home market are…
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succeed company logo

4 tips for successful company logo design

A central element of a company's branding and branding, the logo is a powerful marketing tool. So follow our 4 tips ...
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The advantages of personalized packaging for your business

Communication is essential for any business and can take many forms. Among the most common and effective, there are ...
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virtual reality professional use

Augmented reality and virtual reality: what are the professional uses?

When I was a teenager, virtual reality was a headset intended for PC or console gaming (Nintendo Virtual Boy for example):…
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Why team building

Why are team building activities essential for companies?

Team building or team building has been practiced since 1980. If Anglo-Saxons are fond of this management tool, companies of…
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united hands coming together

Technicians: how to better manage your daily interventions?

No matter what industry you're in, you certainly have technicians in your workforce. These employees are responsible for achieving ...
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offline business digital transformation

The digital transformation of an offline business

What can digital transformation do for you and your business? The subject is trendy but always approached from a concrete angle.…
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Find company slogan

6 tips for finding a catchy slogan for your small business

"Just do It", "Because I'm worth it", "What else", "Life is beautiful, for young and old" .... He is ...
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Construction web tools

5 types of digital tools that simplify the life of construction professionals

The impact of digital technology is spreading in all areas, even in the building sector. Indeed, professionals in this sector can nowadays simplify themselves ...
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Request headers too large bug RM Sport TV

Request headers too large on RMC Sport: how to correct this error message?

When I opened RMC SPORT one evening, I got the following message: "request headers too large". I realized that I was not ...
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types of professional insurance

5 (credible) reasons to insure as a professional

Getting into entrepreneurship is a gamble that involves a lot of risk. To limit the damage, it is advisable to take out insurance. That…
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growth hacking definition

Growth hacking - growth marketing: it improves your fundamentals

I just read an article on the "top 10 growth hackers" to follow on Twitter. Except that among the recommended profiles, ...
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physical media advertising

Physical communication media remain attractive

While it is true that today, digital communication has gained ground, we must not lose sight of the fact that some people ...
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Make more Youtube views

Youtube SEO: how to get more views on your videos?

At present, Youtube has almost a billion very active users. If influencers quickly seized the niche to make themselves known, ...
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advertising object marketing communication support

Marketing communication media and promotional items: what options do you have?

Advertising is an important part of communicating with potential targets. Communication media and advertising objects are means ...
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CRM digitalization public service

How can a CRM help the digitalization of a public service?

In the digital age, all commercial companies are digitizing their activities. The public service also did not stay in…
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promotional items strategy summer sales

Promotional items: what strategy to adopt for the summer and the sales?

During the summer and during sales, various commercial or communication strategies can be implemented by companies. This allows them to do ...
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How e-commerce is carving out its place in the interior decoration market

In the 70s, the garage in the center of my town moved its activity from the center to the outskirts. This allowed him ...
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Which personalized advertising object should be preferred for a VSE / SME?

Personalized promotional items are small accessories that can be used as a support for a company logo or slogan. They mainly offer two advantages to said structures. The first one ...
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How to assert the presence of your company at a trade show?

Trade shows and fairs are an effective lever for promoting a business. Unfortunately, participating is not enough to develop ...
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Lol "Pro team"

28/03/2020: First T3 Clash ... And first victory: 15/03/2020: March 15, 2020: COVID-19 threatens us. The schools are closed and I will babysit my…
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4 ways to promote your business on a budget

Some companies allocate a significant portion of their budget to marketing and communication. These investments make it possible to increase the visibility of a brand, ...
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Web and telecommunications: state of play and outlook for the sector

The telecommunications and web business market is booming in France. With the unconditional integration of digital in all…
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The effectiveness of personalized neck warmers for its marketing strategy

One of the most popular marketing strategies for businesses today is the use of personalized neck warmers. Those…
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Office rental: what if sharing was a better plan?

As a child, you may have dreamed of having your own boutique, store or local, of being a trader or of having an office in the flagship street of your…
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Why use a communication agency when setting up a business?

Many companies are reserved with the idea of ​​entrusting the creation of their website and their digital communication to an agency. The…
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Accounting of independent consultants: 3 concepts to understand imperatively!

When setting up your business, one of the first steps in a business plan is to determine its status. A quick Google search ...
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3 decisive elements for a digital poster campaign

Digital display conquers public space: street, waiting areas for public transport (bus stop or station, etc.)
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3 (relatively) good reasons to hire an interim manager

2020 has only just started, but it is already an opportunity to learn a new expression for some: interim manager. You know the "classic" manager ...
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Why use the services of a web marketing agency in 2020?

The majority of business creators and managers today have a computer background that allows them to be comfortable with digital technology and ...
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Corporate travel - How to organize it efficiently from start to finish?

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a business trip underway? If you don't yet know how to organize from start to finish ...
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Mobile amplifier: what is it for? How to choose it well?

Good communication requires good network coverage for both calls and the Internet. In the countryside or in the city, ...
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4 steps to set up your digital strategy

The term digital strategy is not new in France. According to Google Trends, it has become quite popular since 2013: With it, other people appear ...
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4 (relevant) reasons to use personalized fabric bags for your business

In a previous article, I explained to you that, despite the Internet and its fabulous marketing possibilities, well-used promotional items can still…
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Don't just think of Dropshipping but Business

Regularly, during the SEO trainings that I lead, I am asked about Dropshipping. Videos abound on YouTube where young entrepreneurs praise ...
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