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E-commerce: how to secure your shipments?

In the online sales sector, the sending of parcels must be prepared carefully. Above all, you have to think about the security of…
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seafood e-commerce

How to make a seafood e-commerce site progress?

Louise writes to us about her seafood e-commerce site: "Good evening Erwan, Thank you again for these two…
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E-commerce product not available SEO

E-Commerce: what to do with a catalog product that is no longer sold?

The question of the week comes from Clémentine: what to do when a product in your E-commerce is no longer available? "Hello Erwan,…
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e-commerce conversion

Conversion to e-commerce

Do you want to turn your visitors into buyers? This is quite normal, because it is the objective of an online store. I will explain to you…
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Ecommerce packaging make a good impression

E-commerce packaging: how to make a good first impression on the customer?

Many French people today turn to online sales sites to make purchases and subscribe to various ...
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e-commerce packaging

E-commerce packaging: what solutions for VSEs / SMEs?

The period is particularly busy, both virally and for e-commerce. Indeed, with the Covid-19, e-commerce purchase is the preferred solution ...
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zero waste shop

Open an e-boutique for zero waste products!

Ecology and environmental protection are at the heart of all concerns today, one of the reasons why many people…
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optimize its UX for its e-commerce site

Is it really essential to optimize your UX for your e-commerce site?

If you have an e-commerce site, you will notice that more and more players in the sector are opting for a marketing approach involving the user ...
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E-commerce: 3 essential points for setting up the sending of your parcels

Starting an E-commerce activity has never been so easy from a technical point of view but never so difficult because of the competition ...
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Make Money with AliExpress, Shopify, and Dropshipping?

With each E-commerce training that I offer, the question comes back: what do you think of Dropshipping? Can we earn money with this method ...
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How Print can help your E-commerce: interaction and reassurance

Hardcore Internet user since 1997, I do not miss an opportunity to think about the contribution of offline marketing for an E-commerce or a…
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7 Fatal Errors in E-commerce

N ° 1: Forcing the customer to create an account to place an order Have you ever made purchases on the internet, and ...
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E-commerce: 10 ideas for packaging your products ... and your customers

In recent years that the blog has been developing, I first broached the question of SEO, then that of E-commerce. If visibility is ...
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My site is behind on Google. How to explain this?

"Hello, I am currently working on the natural referencing of the website I notice that the site is well structured with a lot of…
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E-commerce: how to sell wine in the United States?

Marion is working with the company Cargo 2 on an E-commerce project: the sale of wine in the United States. Currently, direct sales ...
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Fake Google and TripAdvisor customer reviews: a good deal?

When two companies are neck and neck on the Internet, user generated content will decide between them. This content ...
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E-commerce SEO optimization: where to start?

Since I have been operating for Formaouest or the UCO as part of E-commerce courses, I feel some students at a loss on the eve of joining ...
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Quick audit of an E-commerce and focus on Duplicate Content

Philippe remarks on his E-commerce, That each color / product variation corresponds to a URL. As a result, many product sheets are identical ...
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E-commerce KPIs: feedback on the Wolfgang Digital study

Based in Ireland, Wolfgang Digital is a "scientists" marketing agency. They base their web-marketing decisions on data analysis ... whatever ...
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SEO: should we fear duplicate content for its SEO?

Sandrine gives us the pleasure of contributing to the blog feed with a question about duplicate content: "Hello, I am currently ...
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How to miss your E-commerce? 5 mistakes to avoid

First reflex when I am told about the referencing of an E-commerce? Take a look at the traffic curve in SEMrush or Ahrefs…
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How to train in Web Marketing and find a job?

In recent years, the SEO / Web Marketing training offer has exploded. I want to group it into 5 categories: Training ...
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ROPO themes

Web to store: definition and examples of relevant strategies

The web to store is the growing tendency of Internet users to seek information on a product, before going to a store ...
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Can your E-commerce ever make money?

While hanging out on Buzzsumo one evening, I came across an article published on the site: Posted on February 22,…
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How is HTTPS impacting SEO in 2016?

Since August 2014 and the announcement of SSL as a ranking criterion on Google, we have had the opportunity to deal directly or indirectly with…
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Amazon book store experience

When e-commerce energizes retail

In PONT-L'ABBE (29120), a town of 8 inhabitants where we have just set up our offices, commerce seems to be in bad shape. The street of ...
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FBA: should you entrust Amazon with the storage and delivery of your products?

The FBA (fullfilment by Amazon - shipped by Amazon) program allows e-merchants to delegate the logistics of their products to Amazon. This…
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Why negative reviews are essential in an E-commerce

Powerreviews has just published a study on negative reviews and their impact on the income of an E-commerce. It turns out that they participate effectively ...
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Can E-commerce do without SEO?

I just read an article from the English-speaking site "Practical E-commerce", dated October 30, 2015. In this article, the author, manager of an E-commerce ...
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E-commerce site referencing: 10 universal tips

This month, we had the pleasure of thinking about the online strategy for a merchant site. Here are the main recommendations that ...
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Learn black hat SEO techniques with Cdiscount

In charge of referencing a beautiful e-commerce for a few months, I review from time to time the leaders of the sector. Among…
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1 & 1 ecommerce review: how not to shoot the ambulance?

One of my clients asked me what I thought of the 1 & 1 offers. Rather than starting from a priori, I took ...
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