A future alienated tenant in BREST?

After presenting you with a top 10 of my worst tenants then a case of difficult management of an alienated tenant, I remembered a potential candidate for these 2 articles, met earlier.

The easiest way not to deal with difficult tenants is to avoid them…

2012: an empty apartment in the midst of a real estate crisis in BREST

I put an ad on LeBonCoin last week: visits have just started. The day before yesterday, I received a phone call:

- Hello, it's Cédric, is the apartment free?

- Hello; yes, it is still available. What brings you to BREST?

- Well, I'm looking for an apartment.

- Ok… but it's for study, for work?

- Between the two. Could I see him tomorrow?

- What time would suit you?

- I'm leaving LORIENT at 9am. I will be in QUIMPER at 44:10 am and in BREST around 28:11 am. I take the line 38 bus afterwards.

- Around noon in front of the building then?

- Okay goodbye.

- Have a good evening.

Some points already seemed strange to me after this conversation and I was a little apprehensive about this meeting. The next day, saved, he sends a text to cancel: "g not had my money, maybe I'll come tomorrow". People with a bank counter experience will have detected the “client” under supervision / guardianship with a blocked weekly budget.

Saturday noon, while nothing was confirmed, I receive a new text: "I am in front of the building". Even though I live 1h30 from BREST, as he comes from LORIENT, I find it hard to leave him at the door. I warn him that I won't be there for another 1h30 and I take the road.

When I arrive near the building, I see a guy of 1m85 for 110 kg, who stands in the frame as if he was defending access.

- Hello Erwan.

- Hello, Cedric.

- It's on the 1st floor, let's go upstairs.

I take out my keys and start looking for the right key.

- it takes a while because you have a lot of keys.

- Um yes. Please come in.

- I have the impression that it is a T1 bis.

- Yes, that's what I said on the ad.

- There is the room I bet.

- Indeed.

- There, it looks like the bathroom.

- (…).

- And that what is it ?

- It's a sofa bed.

- that's a table I bet. Because I can't see what's next.

- It's a shelf.

- I'm going to sit down, I'm tired.

He sits down and then lies down on the sofa.

- I always say to myself "Cedric, try before you choose".

Finally, do not rent at all costs

- If I put furniture, does that mean I take it?

- First, you have to pay the deposit and a month's rent.

- How much is it ?

- 650 € in all.

- how long has it been if I save € 11 per week?

- it's been over a year I think.

- in a year, if I have the money, can I have the apartment?

- Yes, but it may be rented by then.

- Cedric, think carefully.


- Cedric, think carefully.


- Cedric, think carefully.

He really repeats it 3 times, always more or less lying on the sofa.

- Yes, it's worth it that I start saving.

I see a glint in his eyes, as if he finally has a purpose in life. I am seriously almost moved by it.

- Is there a washing machine?

- No, but there is a connection.

– How much does a washing machine cost?

– Around 300€.

- Then I have to save even longer.

- Indeed.

He wakes up.

- What time is it ?

- 14:02 p.m.

-My train is at 14:41.

- We must not hang around then.

He pulls out a LORIENT bus card.

- will it work you think?

- I do not think so.

- Otherwise, it's € 1,35, it's expensive. Maybe you can drop me off by car?

- I don't go that way at all, too bad!

Looking back, I could have cured my karma by dropping him off at the station.

I could also have been more selective and not travel without having seen proof of income.

But the period was more complicated to rent in BREST at the time and I had already had an unemployed tenant with whom things were going well. So I wanted to find someone as soon as possible… but I felt my limit that day. Fortunately, the market has been doing better since...

I earned my first income on the web in 2012 by developing and monetizing the traffic of my sites (AdSense ...).

Since 2013 and my first professional services, I have had the opportunity to participate in the development of more than 450 sites in more than +20 countries.

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