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google nofollow link penalty

Google penalty possible for nofollow links?

A site that makes a "clickable" link to another site sends a positive signal to Google. A site that benefits from many…
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expired domain name auctions

Expired domains: why and how to recover them?

Many SEOs are interested in expired domains. Indeed, a good referencing in Google is links + content. To have content, it...
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Francophone referencing: which agency to choose?

To deploy an effective natural referencing (SEO) strategy, SEO agencies have become essential players for companies. However, it is…
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best SEO dofollow directories

Top 35 of the best SEO directories to attack 2022

Here is my list of the 35 best SEO directories without backlink, to improve your natural referencing in Google in 2022. The methodology is ...
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SEO strategy to gain links

5 SEO strategies (proven) to gain links in 2022

"Hello Erwan, how are you? I am currently in a company in the company culaud ( the objective is to generate more traffic and therefore more contact. Before considering…
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sitewide links

SEO: should sitewide links (footer, menus, etc.) be avoided?

You are trying to promote your E-commerce and naturally, this requires good SEO. To sum up, SEO is 50% of ...
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SEO strategy box rental

Box rental: how to gain customers with the Internet?

Gaining customers on the Internet means making your website more visible. Today I show you an example with the keywords ...
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Using EMD exact match domain for SEO SEO

Should you use an EMD (exact match domain) for its referencing?

The Exact Match Domain (EMD) is a domain name which contains the keywords of the query on which a person or a…
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SEOCamp Day 2013 conference

SEO Camp Day Angers: what has changed since 2013?

In 2013, I participated in the SEO Camp Day in Angers. As I quietly recycle my content, I wondered if the article had ...
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infinite scrolling seo

Accordions, infinite scroll, tabs: is it good for SEO?

Should we consider accordions (accordions), infinite scroll and tabs as a blessing for the user experience and natural referencing? (SEO) Here is…
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Subdomains and SEO

Should we use subdomains for SEO?

"Hello Erwan, I have a quick question about subdomains. I'm making a site that sells 3 categories of products. On this site ...
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Internet SEO agency

What is an Internet SEO agency for?

One of the faults of a professional blog? Being too sharp, too specialized, when a majority of readers are already struggling to grasp the subject ...
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spam referral fake traffic seo

Referral spam: fake traffic, robot visitors to attract you

"Hello Erwan, I hope you are doing well. I have a big chunk of my site traffic coming from (since today). You know…
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Improve website visibility

How to improve the visibility of a site in certain regions?

"Hello, I have a question that my internship supervisor would like me to pass on to you. As can be seen in the document, the visibility of ...
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Improve SEO Traffic Ecommerce Fashion Clothing

How to improve the traffic of a fashion - clothing e-commerce site that is starting up?

A little before the holidays, I received an email from Bryann, who is working on the natural referencing (SEO) of a clothing e-commerce,…
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what to do with expired domain

Purchase of an expired domain: topic and management of backlinks

"Hello Erwan, I am Guillaume and I am part of the CPEC59 class from Formaouest. For a personal project, I bought a name…
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Keyword research questions SEMrush

License plate: keyword exploration and popular question searches with SEMrush

I sometimes hear in training "I don't know how to write"; "I have no ideas". But the job of SEO is writing (content) + ...
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outsource webmarketing

Why and how to outsource your web marketing?

Outsourcing or "outsourcing" consists of delegating the task of carrying out a task to another company. We made a simple observation: ...
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intranet site

Should we optimize intranet sites or sites where access is protected?

"Hello, I have a quick question about SEMrush. Is it possible to recover data from a professional space with SEM Rush or another tool ...
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Bing Webmaster Tools

See links to your site for free and efficiently with Bing Webmaster Tools?

The battle has been raging for years between Bing and Google. Popularity level of the search engine, market distribution in France ...
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Google Search Console: 6 pro tips to boost your site

Since January 2018, Google has revised the Search Console ... to make it an essential tool for any developer / SEO. Here are 6 pro tips ...
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How to integrate SEO into your inbound marketing strategy?

Marketing is a field of activity made up of many specific techniques. These allow site promoters to have more visibility. As such, inbound marketing consists of creating ...
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SEO audit: 3 (solid) avenues to increase your traffic and sales

On a majority of sites, the correlation is quite perfect between increased traffic and increased turnover. And natural referencing ...
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Update of the algorithm dedicated to rich snippets

Google has decided to modify its algorithm which is dedicated to rich snippets or rich snippets. This action is aimed primarily at sites ...
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SEO, a rational art with an element of uncertainty

Nate Silver is a brilliant statistician specializing in baseball results… and political elections. In 2008, he predicted the correct results…
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How to improve the referencing of an association's site in Google?

Claire has just asked me for advice concerning the referencing of the ANR France site (Association Neurofibromatoses et Recklinghausen): "We are not well ...
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How to optimize the product page of a shoe e-commerce?

"Hello Erwan, I am contacting you today, because I need your advice regarding SEO. What a surprise! My internship is taking place at…
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How to modify the title and the meta description of a page? WordPress example

"Hello Erwan, I wanted to ask you if it is possible to explain to me again how to change the information on the referral page ...
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[Update] Interview with Mehdi Coly, founder of Linkeyword

  In 2013, I got to know Mehdi Coly during the development of his Linkeyword platform and it was the occasion of a…
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Foldable smartphone: who will win Nextlevel's SEO competition?

After the "SEO Hero" contest of 2017, French SEOs are very busy with Nextlevel's foldable smartphone contest. And that's enough ...
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Office rental in PARIS: what are the criteria for prospects?

SEO tools naturally allow a website to be properly classified, but also more surprising tasks such as market research and ...
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Quick thinking on a professional vehicle ad site

B2B E-commerce and B2B networking platforms should eventually exceed the turnover of B2C E-commerce. Furthermore,…
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Site One Page: sufficient for craftsmen and their local referencing?

Hi Erwan, I am currently a freelance web marketing consultant. Like you, I am passionate about my job. I am working to create ...
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Rank well on the query "cotton gauze" in Google?

Hi Erwan! I will need a hand, I am on my training file in the keywords / optimization part of ...
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E-commerce category optimization: go to "motor pump"

On most of the E-shops that I follow, the product sheets are better and better informed and optimized for natural referencing.…
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Fall in the ranking and loss of traffic: at the bedside of

In June 2016, I published a first article on, then in the process of redesigning. The site was ranked 13th in its category…
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Why isn't Google indexing a page on my site?

SEO consists in implementing all the best known practices to ensure the good referencing of a site. The difficulty being that ...
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How to evaluate the keywords that generate traffic?

"Hello Erwan, I wanted to know if it is relevant to calculate a traffic / keyword ratio to know the performance of keywords generating traffic.…
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Site speed: why HTTP / 2 associated with SSL is becoming the norm

Implemented since 2015, the HTTP / 2 protocol is disrupting the loading speed of sites and is slowly becoming the standard. Expectations…
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How Google indexes and updates the pages of a website?

"Hello Erwan, Being a little in the internship at the moment so more in practice, I look at my indexing on google ...
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Change of domain name: be careful to keep the old one!

The life of a company sometimes goes through a change of name: takeover / merger, change of strategy, direction ... On the Internet, this translates into ...
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How to improve the natural referencing of my E-commerce?

"Erwan, I come to you because I have difficulties with natural referencing. During the internship, I am confronted with a problem which is…
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Should I use spelling errors for SEO?

"Hello Erwan, I had a question about natural referencing. I am creating a website and I had done a search for ...
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Is it a big deal to have the same title tag and H1 tag on a page?

The question of the week is about the tag and the <h1> tag. Do they have to be different on a page? "I have…
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SEMrush competition positioning map: what to conclude?

The question of the week relates to benchmarking and particularly to how keywords determine our competition on the Internet. "Hello Erwan,…
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What is the difference between a free SSL certificate and a paid certificate?

Last week, Michael received a quote from a company to upgrade their site to HTTPS. Google no longer really leaves a choice ...
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Use blogging platforms to build a network of links?

"Question of the week" from Fabrice: When you search in google for example "Blog Tahiti", the first results point to hosted blogs ...
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Why has my site disappeared from Google? Watch out for duplicate content!

"Hello Erwan, I take the liberty of writing to you because I had a problem within my company. A few days ago,…
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SEO poker: the foreseeable withdrawal of Partouche

On May 15, 2013, an article in Le Monde announced the withdrawal of Partouche from online poker. First removed from the blog following ...
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E-commerce referencing: site quality takes precedence over links

Worried about their presence (or more exactly their absence) in search engine rankings, many business leaders are looking for…
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